This was Liam Neeson’s reaction to Jimmy finding his first acting gig for BBC!


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Is this natural, sitting here taking about yourself?

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sure i hate myself but i take cute selfies

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"She’s our only child. She started college in Michigan this year. I took this photo on the day that I dropped her off at school. The morning I left, I walked into her dorm room, and saw a bundle under the covers. I said: ‘Sweetie, do you want to say bye to your dad?’ Then I saw that the bundle was shaking. I pulled back the covers, and her eyes were filled with tears. My heart was melting when I left. These days I stay at the office as long as possible, because my wife works late, and I don’t want to be at home with no one there."

(Hanoi, Vietnam)


The only nail polish for me

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Consent: A Short Story

  • Person #1: Hey can I touch you there?
  • Person #2: No.
  • Person #1: Okay. <p>It isn't complicated. Sam Pepper should be prosecuted for what he did.</p>